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Gil is my best friend.

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...planes should have capes.






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Mamrie being an adorable peach in today’s ItsGrace


Here’s a phone wallpaper of Mames holding a bag of Japanese baby dicks xoxo (photo taken by acidhelm)

Anonymous: Also just imagine Grace and Chester getting called in for a meeting with their kid's kindergarten teacher going,"your child has been telling everyone that he is reincarnated..." Oh my god and the. Grace is just trying her best not to burst out laughing
Anonymous: Chester is propped up over Grace staring down into her beautiful brown eyes. As he lines up to enter her, she pushes on his chest with a little wimper. "Not too deep, remember?" she says with a little concern in her voice. He just smiles down and slowly slides into her. -- and thats how she got the name for the podcast :) //
Anonymous: Today in class the teacher asked us what our favourite app was and I said Tumblr because i didn't think anybody would know what it was then the teacher asked me what that was and I said it was a reeding app and the whole class looked at me like BICH WHAT! And then someone asked if I knew the Holy Trinity! And that's how I made a knew friend! I am really proud of it.

AAWWW!! That’s awesome!!


I’m so fuCKING dead (x)

bronchitis is fun

So itssimplysam23 really needs to get laid, any volunteers??


Troye being hella cool and cute in the LocalWolves Magazine <3